Hi, my name is Miloš, and I am a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Gentoo Media / Askgamblers d.o.o. My GNU/Linux adventures have started in 2006. The first distribution I encountered was Ubuntu 6.06.  I liked it a lot, because of a challenge to get dial-up modem up and running in full 56K speed. After few days of investigating and compiling the driver from the source, I managed to make it work. That was a start of a beautiful friendship, between me and best open source OS.

Now I am an expert in administrating GNU/Linux with all of it’s servers and services ( Apache2, Nginx, Varnish, Pound, MySQL, NFS, Samba, SSH, FTP, SVN, GIT, Plesk, Eggdrop, VirtualBox, VMWare, Quemu – just to name a few). I’m also an expert in automatization using Bash scripting, Ansible, and Terraform.

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